Ohemaa Sarah

Ohemaa Sarah

She is Blessed with the Gift of Worship

Ohemaa Sarah; using Music to harness social harmony…

Transcript of Video/ Translation

My name is Ohemaa Sarah

I started singing at the age of ten…

…in the church.

I was very young when I started singing in the church.

I backed a lot of great singers, and
then joined a lot of singing groups and choir.

I’ve met a lot of
great people in life.

They advise me to use my God
given gift to impact the world.

I did not find it easy in searching
for someone to help my career.

Due to financial difficulties, all the
people I approached couldn’t help me.

But I strengthen myself with the word
of God, and believed He will help me.

I then met some people who helped me

They really helped me by taking me
to the studio to record my songs.

Thankfully, my songs are out
which is titled “W’abre Me Ho”.

Most of the songs on the album
is meant strengthen, advice…

and speaks to you about the spheres of life.

No matter how life might treat
you, God will see you through.

Never give up, have faith in Him.

He who brought you to the
world will see you through.

I believe in hardworking.

Because I believe hard work pays…

and if one attach the word of God and prayer
in his/her hard work, that person will go far.

Therefore, God will surely
make your dreams come true.

I would advice Ghanaian’s
and the world that…

in life, if you put God first in all your
endeavors, He will surely help you to achieve it.

With God fearing and prayers,
never give up. Stand firm…

keep on pressing with the
hope that you will make it.

Never give up on anything
you desire to achieve.

Just believe in God that
one day will be your turn.

Because of that I have a
song titled “One day”.

One day God will make your dreams come true.

Moreover, I would advice
that one belong to a church…

a God fearing church for that matter,
because it’s very important.

We have to worship the
Lord in this end time.

Soon, the son of God will appear.

Ohemaa Sarah is using her talents to affect lives in the effort to invest in society and for the fulfillment of Gods Glory. As someone who is critical about using Gospel Music as an instrument to harness social harmony. Her zeal to drive multitudes to Christ is a gift that is rare among other gospel artists.

Location Accra, Ghana
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